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I\'ll love you forever Chris

Memorial created 12-14-2014 by
Tracy Dullea-Juliano
Christopher M. Dullea
February 21 1983 - June 9 2011


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Christopher Dullea, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Christopher's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Christopher forever.

i just started this after seeing somebody on the Grieving Mothers Facebook Group page that had an absolutely beautiful one- words, pictures, backgrounds- everything. 

Although I probably can't write as well as she, I want have a Memorial Page. There once was a Facebook one started by an ex girlfriend that turned into a battleground for other exes. It was ridiculous. I probably won't even advertise this to anyone because I'd rather not have people I know or he knew on here. 

So it'll take me awhile to get some information on here but since I have 2 weeks off for Christmas Vacation I hope to do lots then. 



Dirt bike a age 7.

 Well I didn't do anything during Christmas vacation. It's like I want to avoid going to this memorial because it just reminds me that you're gone. Not that I'm not aware of it every minute but I don't know its just hard to come here. I will add to it when I'm ready I guess. 

I love you!!!

Dirt bike led to street bikes unfortunately
Middle School

The boy behind Chris is also an angel. He was hit by a car while at college. 

Chris and the boys showing off their tattoos
Graduation in Florida

You were so proud. We all were Chris. 


Chris's baby girl

 4 generations. I make sure Brooklyn sees your Pops and Grams a lot Chris also Auntie Heidi and your cousins on your dad's side. They love her and are a big part of her life.


A new life as a dad

 Baby girl Brooklyn. She's awesome.


Love it

 This might be the last picture of you and Brooklyn. Why didn't I take any when you were over that night swimming with her??

Selfie in the mirror?

 Loved the selfies. Especially after you finally made a facebook account.


 Such a good brother. This is when all of families nightmares began. The night of July 2nd 2011 when Chris' little sister Rachel was nearly killed in that crash. You were so upset and so helpless because you wanted to confront the person that did this, put her in coma for months with severe brain damage and permanently disabled. You had your baby girl on the way so you knew you couldn't and I'm glad you knew that.


 The urn that took 2 attempts to get right. That funeral home made so many mistakes it was ridiculous. Misspelling your name on the guest book, typo on the Memorial Card, Pastor calling you Mike, instead of Chris, putting your obituary in the wrong newspaper and more that I can't remember right now. How does that happen?


All Souls Day 11/3/2014

 You were all set to be in Jameson's wedding but there you were on the Memorial Table.


 The Angel of Hope.


Your Birthday

  You would be 32 today Chris. But unfortunately you are forever 28. I miss you so much. Your beautiful daughter is with me as she is every weekend. We all miss you.

Love, Mom


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