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Memorial created 04-14-2014 by
Karen Shaw
Richard Richardson
March 2 1945 - February 12 2014

Leon Russell concert-backstage at SB Bowl with Sepp.l

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Richard Richardson, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Richard's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Richard forever.





This is my personal story about englishman, Richard Richardson. I want to document  Fancy Music  in Santa Barbara California from the years 1969 to 2002. We both lived during the best years in Santa Barbara. The music was the best, the rock and roll concerts that came through Santa Barbara, were unbelievable. He was part of  that. He was known for FANCY MUSIC, and he sold  guitars to them all...

You meant so much to me, all my life. I believed you when you told me that you loved me all these years, although we never made any attempt to be in a relationship. You told me we had known each other in another life, maybe that is why we didn't need very long in this one to be together. But the short time we had, was everything I hoped it would be. I forever love you. So, I am looking forward to spending another life with you, my love.Our friendship, withstood a 40 + year test of time. In your last 2  years, I am so glad we talked as often as we could. You protected me from knowing any of your medical nightmares, I know now, it was hell for you. I am so sorry, I wasn't able to help you.    I told you a week before you died, in our last phone call, I would pick you up and bring you home. I hoped you'd say, ok, and I sensed  that  meant a lot to you.   The last words you said to me were, "I love you".      Now I am left with this huge, raw hole in my heart, that is where you always were. It's like half of my heart has been cut out.You were always in my heart. I would stop by Fancy Music, and see you. Sometimes years would pass. But I would always stroll in, and you would always kiss me hello.  I was your "GROUPIE"...


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New Years special- fancy Music




I was not a drinking friend, like others on the facebook site. I was never to meet most of your bar friends. Yet I was always here, always nearby and someone you didn't have to impress with your stories. People would drop you off and pick you up at my house. I let you stay with me, as your world collapsed, and I tried to keep things calm and quiet for you.

I miss you every day. I think about you every day.



Richard and Percy

My dog, Percy was your buddy. You called him BIRDIE. He was a huge weimaraner.We often took him to Finney Beach in Summerland. You would throw the ball so far out in the ocean, it would take him a while swimming around to find it. Then he just began running and swimming out, and you'd throw it somewhere else. He began to carefully put the ball next to you in the house, then slowly walk and sit back in the corner, or in the other room and wait for you to throw it.You would speak to him in German, give him beer. He loved you very much and would sleep next to you often. He is also gone now. I gave him instructions to find you and play.

I sense, he found you.


Together, we witnessed the jets flying into the World Trade Center on 9-11, then the collapse of both towers shortly after. We were speechless. The world has changed.


Richard's buddy, Percy.

I started an ebay account where Richard could sell things. 2 items were listed. He really didn't have much left.    He had an original Disney cell, of the 7 dwrarfs, that I got appraised and listed for him to sell. It sold, for more than the appraised amount.           I also helped him sell and ship, a guitar in a case, to a guy in Germany, on EBAY.

I recently found a letter I wrote, for him regarding a litho print he had sold, of Catalina Island. It was very old. He cared about getting the information to the buyer.

 I always tried  to help him. It was always,  in my heart, to care for him. I believe he appreciated everything I did for him, but he was never able to say, a simple, thank you. That's just the way things are with some people...they don't realize how important it is to say thanks.   or sorry.     I feel  he has realized it now...as he  sees, and feels the consequences, effects of, all the things he did,  and said, in his physical life. Like we all will . He was a truely good,  kind soul, a very nice guy. .  He was decent, caring for animals, which I respect.     Thank you, Richard, for giving me gifts of your humor, flowers, and love. Thanks to you also for saying you would pray for my mom, when she wasn't going to make it. You said you didn't do such things, but would,  for my mom. Thank you for your continual presence, and support, always nearby. I forever love you...

Richard at Fancy Music.

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