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Rob Golden

Memorial created 03-20-2013 by
Rob Golden
Rena Golden
March 30 1961 - March 20 2013

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03-21-2013 9:10 AM -- By: Maria Ressa,  From: Manila, Philippines  

Stunned to hear this news.  This is the way I remember Rena: vibrant, joyful, ready to take any challenge.  Rob, my condolences to you and your family.

03-21-2013 9:07 AM -- By: Janice McDonald,  From: Atlanta  

 Rena  was beautiful both inside and out, one of the good guys who was truly loved and admired by all. She was talented. kind and had the most incredible smile... a smile which you saw often. Heaven has a new angel.

03-21-2013 9:05 AM -- By: Paul Caron ,  From: Atlanta  

The thoughts and prayers from my family go out to your family Rena.   I always had great respect for you and you always treated me nicely, which I never forgot. 

03-21-2013 8:42 AM -- By: Amy Lee,  From: Singapore  

I feel such deep sorrow hearing about Rena's passing away. I was in shock when I first head of her fight with lymphoma and could really sympathize with what her family had to grapple with ( I also had to deal with my father's lymphoma cancer ordeal last year although he survived it)  I didn't know her well directly but had the honor of meeting her few times when she came to visit HK bureau while I was working at CNN there. She was such a dynamic woman and a great example of women who excelled in broadcast media. I have great admiration for her. Her family has my deepest sympathy and I hope Rena found peace in the end and may her extraordinary life and achievement long live in our memories.

03-21-2013 8:35 AM -- By: Jerome Preston,  From: Atlanta, GA  

 I obtained my MBA with Rena at GSU. She was one of my favorite classmates and was a good friend. I was proud to be among her friends. Although I've not seen her since graduation, I was always hopeful to be able to catch up with her sometime.

She will be missed.

03-21-2013 8:27 AM -- By: Jim Miller,  From: Marietta, Ga.  

This is a very sad and huge loss.  Rena was one of the best and most optimistice, cheerful people I knew.  We worked together on many a project at CNN and I admired her talent, wisdom and integrity.  In 2000 she was an onsite producer with me in Saudi Arabia for CNN's coverage for the Hajj.  She was teriffic and told me "it was an experience I will never forget."  Rena I will never forget you and your wonderful spirit.  I pray you are at peace, and I ask God to watch over Rob and your family.

03-21-2013 8:27 AM -- By: Joseph Sung,  From: London  

I visit this memorial at the referral from one of my friends who knew Rena.  

This is an extraordinary story of an extraordinary woman.  I empathise from my own father's cancer battles how arduous times may have been during therapies, treatments and rehabilitation.

My thoughts and prayers are with Rena and her family.

03-21-2013 8:20 AM -- By: Eason Jordan,  From:  

Rena was amazing in so many ways – an inspriation to all of us. My heart goes out to Rob, their children, and all their loved ones and friends. 

03-21-2013 8:02 AM -- By: Michael Holmes,  From: Atlanta  

As I've written on your facebook page, you, Rena, were a pivotal influence not just on my career but the direction of my life.  In 1996 you took a chance on an Aussie reporter who'd never anchored before and gave me a life changing opportunity at CNN.

Your guidance and friendship was invaluable and forever appreciated. A sometimes neccessarily tough boss, you were always fair, and you managed with aplomb and style the difficult balance of being both boss and friend.   This, you achieved brilliantly, and always with grace and class.

I'm just so incredibly saddened that you've been taken so early.  Way, way too early.  But I know you have been surrounded by the love and gratitude of so many on this journey.

I will never forget you and your wit, style, grace, smarts and sheer class.  



03-21-2013 7:45 AM -- By: Hugh Riminton,  From: Canberra, Australia  

I am so sorry to hear this news. Rena took a chance and hired me as a CNN anchor in 2004, so beginning the most rewarding period of my professional life. Her enthusiasm and faith were extraordinary, quite happily approving a decision to have me - unknown to the network at the time - anchor for hours from the scene of the 2004 tsunami.

One of the proudest things about working at CNNI was the real commitment to diversity - Rena created a wonderful, powerful ideal of people from everywhere working together. And it worked.

Rena changed and improved so many lives, more I suspect that she ever would have guessed. Well played, Rena, you mean more to me than you would ever have supposed.

My respectful condolences to Rob and the family. I am very sad tonight.

03-21-2013 7:44 AM -- By: Ramonica Harton,  From: Atlanta  

Rena will truly be missed. My heart and prayers are with you.

03-21-2013 7:30 AM -- By: Imran Ahmad,  From:  

May Rena rest in peace. Amen

03-21-2013 7:24 AM -- By: Tom Fenton,  From: Doha  

 I am heartbroken that Rena left us so soon. Heartbroken that someone who gave and contributed so much has passed away at such a young age. She will, however, remain an inspiration to those who were fortunate enough to know her and work with her, albeit too briefly. 

My heart goes out to Rob and their children. The last two years must have been difficult and anguishing. 

Rob, you were always the best.


03-21-2013 7:06 AM -- By: Earl Casey,  From:  

We try to mark passings with records of achievements, it's natural and we look for things to say and recognize.  Look around you for the evidence of Rena's achievements and you are standing in their midst.  The people Rena hired, developed, mentored.   The family she treasured.   That's the great achievement of life, creating and nurturing life itself.  Look no further than the company in which we stand, together.

03-21-2013 7:05 AM -- By: Steven Springer,  From:  

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Rob and your children.  Rena was a smart, lovely woman and a wonderful colleague.  Treasure her memory always.



03-21-2013 7:02 AM -- By: John Towriss,  From: Washington D.C.  

Repeating my Facebook post here: A special post in honor of my former CNN colleague and friend Rena Golden who passed away today after a 2 year battle with Lymphona. She was surely one of the most remarkable, competent and thoughtful journalists I have ever known. It was no wonder she ended up in senior management given her brilliant ability to lead others with both compassion and example. But beyond all her professional skill, Rena was just a wonderfully likable and inspiring individual. I'm not near alone in this view. I pray God gives her husband Rob and their children special grace to bear this moment even as it seems unfair. I am so thankful I knew Rena, thankful for the life she lived and all she stood for....a worthy example for us all.

03-21-2013 6:52 AM -- By: Susan Grant,  From:  

 Oh Rena, the world is sadder for your not being here with us.  My love and deepest sympathies to Rob and your family.  You were always brave and smart and fearless and courageous, and a blessing to all.

03-21-2013 6:47 AM -- By: Venelin Petkov,  From: Bulgaria  

Dear Rena... Dear Rob... I can't believe this. You are among the most wonderful people I've met in my life. Thank you for your friendship, your guidance, your inspiration. I am who I am and what I am in journalism because of you.

I don't know what to say... this breaks my heart. Rest in peace, dear Rena.



03-21-2013 6:33 AM -- By: Bruce Jacobs,  From: Prague, Czech Republic  

 I am so sorry to hear this news. I worked with Rena during my years at CNN International in the 1990s. She was a smart boss and a great person. Rena's good deeds and works are being remembered around the world on this day. I send my best wishes and condolences to Rob and the family.

03-21-2013 6:19 AM -- By: Hope Ngo,  From: Hong kong  

I met Rena during one of her visits to Hong kong, as a young mother of a toddler and a baby making her way through cable tv news. As a woman, Rena made me believe I could have it all- be a mom and have a career. As a mentor, Rena taught me the importance of being wise and compassionate. Heaven has taken back one of their own and our world is darker for it.

03-21-2013 5:15 AM -- By: Karuna Shinsho,  From: Harare, Zimbabwe  

Dear Rena,

I send my heartfelt condolences to your family and friends.  Although I am not in broadcast journalism anymore, I still remember fondly how supportive you were of me joining CNN and believing in my abilities when I myself may not have been so sure.  I am blessed to have been a very small part of your amazing life.  You were and always will be an inspiration to all of us.

Much love,


03-21-2013 4:28 AM -- By: Rahul Sood,  From: Ex CNN  

Heartfelt condolences to the Golden family.. RIP Rena.

03-21-2013 4:22 AM -- By: Veronica Pedrosa,  From: Bangkok, Thailand  

 Hello Rob, Adam and Sabrina, I'm so sorry for your loss, the last few months must have been very difficult for you.  Wishing you all the love, sympathy, courage and support you need to cope.  Rena was a lovely woman and newshound - I have fond memories of throwing out the rundown when she was in the control room!  Treasuring all those good memories now.


03-21-2013 4:14 AM -- By: Habib Azam,  From: London  

Dear Rob, I am deeply moved and sad to hear the news of Rena passing away. I met Rena a number of times whilst I was working at CNN and she always had time for me, providing me guidance and sharing stories of good journalism and best digital practices. She was an inspiration to me and I remember sitting in her office in Atlanta for the first time when I met her and we spent a good while talking about families, Indian food and the future and power of digital media. 

As a son who has lost a father to cancer I know the grief and pain a family goes through during treatment of cancer and I hope and pray your family gets through this difficult period and remember Rena for what she is, an amazing woman, a dedicated mother and an example for us all to inspire to be.

With all my love and support, Habib Azam.

03-21-2013 3:43 AM -- By: Jack Poorman,  From: Los Angeles  


As someone said tonight, you had a great spirit that left us much too soon.  We miss you already.  Of course you had courage and met this fate with class, dignity and strength. You are an insiration to those who knew you. All the love that exists to your wonderful family.  I wish them peace. Please let them find a way to make sense of your untimely departure.  They will miss you most of all.  Help them find the strength that you taught every day.  Love Love Love.  

03-21-2013 3:40 AM -- By: Shireen Khan,  From: New York, NY  

Dear Rob, Adam, Sabrina,

I send you my deepest sympathies and big, big hugs.

I shall hold Rena close in my heart.  Rob and Rena opened CNN doors for me and then encouraged me to keep on. Those openings deeply enriched my life. I cherish my memories of Rena and her generous spirit. Even now I remember her as a busy exec, taking a seat in the newsroom just to admire my travel albums. In recent years, she urged me to start a business after she saw a bag I had made. Rena was an advocate for even my unexpressed dreams. I was blessed to know her and I will miss her greatly.



03-21-2013 3:28 AM -- By: Phyllis Stilphen Koch,  From: Atlanta, GA  

 "A friend who dies, is something of you who dies." 

My heart is heavy with the profound loss of Rena Golden form this world.

Goodbye to the girl who's very name sparkled for so many.

03-21-2013 2:52 AM -- By: Tina Vossugh,  From: CNN Colleague  

Very sorry to hear of your loss. I never really got to know Rena as I was much below her in the ranks of CNNI but I always knew of what an amazingly strong and inspiring woman she was and looked up to her for it.

May you all find peace knowing she is no longer suffering.


03-21-2013 2:35 AM -- By: Robin Thomas,  From: Colleague and BMLI class IV  

My heartfelt condolences. She was a remarkable person. Much peace to her family.

03-21-2013 2:19 AM -- By: Francesca Fifis,  From: Sonoma, Ca.  

To Rob, Adam and Sabrina, So deeply saddened by this tragic news.  Rena was beautiful inside and out.  May your happy memories comfort you during the difficult days ahead.   


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