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Rob Golden

Memorial created 03-20-2013 by
Rob Golden
Rena Golden
March 30 1961 - March 20 2013

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03-23-2013 11:44 PM -- By: Adele Marticke,  From: Roswell GA  

 All the hours of words that passed between us over the years and now I cannot seem to find those last and final ones.  As my dear friend I will keep watch here for you and you must save  a seat at the table for me so we can pick up where we left off and laugh about how wrong we were!   XOXO



03-23-2013 11:39 PM -- By: Sophia Kelley,  From: Atlanta, GA  

My deepest condolences to the Golden family. While we both worked at Turner Broadcaating for years, our paths never crossed until Betsy Magness. And for that I am grateful. May her memory be eternal. In sympathy and prayer, Sophia Kelley Betsy Magness Graduate-ClassXV

03-23-2013 9:43 PM -- By: Steve Gurganus,  From: Raleigh, NC  

 I knew Rena at Wake Forest, along with her sister Gazelle and her brother.  She and her family were all quite genuine, smart, humble and kind.  Sympathies to you all.

03-23-2013 4:54 PM -- By: Femi Oke,  From: Washington D.C. former CNNIer  

Dear Rob and family,

Rena was scary GREAT!  I will forever be thankful for her guidance, friendship and for unleashing me on the international broadcasting world.  I'm sending you all a virtual heartfelt hug, sincere condolences and lots of love.

Femi xxx

03-23-2013 3:30 PM -- By: Kari Manns,  From: Washington, DC, former CNNi'er  

t's said only the good die young. Perhaps that's to make the living realize, how vulnerable we all are, to cherish every day we wake up and to love very hard.
I just found out this morning about Rena's death and I've sat stunned for several hours reading all the tributes and memories posted on various pages. I haven't been able to find adequate words to describe all the emotions I've felt. Then I just balled my eyes out :-{ Rena was an inspiring leader at work, encouraging mentor, and full of wit. She and I have had many conversations about religion. I was always so curious about how she practiced and celebrated two seemingly opposing faiths - her Muslim upbringing and her adopted Judaism. She did so in the same manner as she conducted her life, with grace.

Rob, Adam and Sabrina, I'm sending you, your extended family and friends comforting thoughts and prayers as you endure Rena's passing.

Be Well

03-23-2013 3:25 PM -- By: Kari Manns,  From: Washington, DC, former CNNi'er  

03-23-2013 10:46 AM -- By: Peter Tedeschi,  From: New York  

My deepest, deepest condelences. Rena was most likely my best co-worker and best work-friend I had in my decades at CNN. Her warmth, vitality, professionalism, kindness, news judgment, humor, journlism skills and soul were pretty much unmatched and I don't say that lightly. I had always hoped we'd have reason to work together again, somewhere, somehow. She will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

03-23-2013 10:16 AM -- By: Marilyn Durand,  From:  

03-23-2013 8:16 AM -- By: Heartbroken Cousin,  From: Florida  

Adam & Sabrina

Your mother, my cousin Rena Appi was the first to take countless steps in our family. Her first, have become our norms. Many of us, in the family will always be grateful to your mother’s tenacity to be the first to openly follow her heart. It seems like such a simple thing to do, to follow your heart... One of my life’s most pivotal moments occurred the day your mother married your father. I was a young girl and it was the first time I saw someone in my family, marry for love. I will never forget that day. That day has shaped who I am today. It has shaped countless others in our family. That moment not only brought both of you into this world, but also brought several other future generations into our family.

I cannot imagine the excruciating pain that both of you are feeling and I cannot explain why your mother passed before her time.  I can only ease my pain by remembering that you mother followed her heart in everything she did. Please know that your mother, my cousin, Rena Appi will live on forever because I know that true love never dies.


A Heartbroken Cousin

03-23-2013 6:36 AM -- By: Grace Wong,  From:  

I had the pleasure of working with Rena from abroad at Turner in Hong Kong. She was an amazing and lovely woman with vision, wit, a sense of humor and a calm presence in the whirlwind world of live news. I was shocked to hear of her passing. My condolences to Rob and her kids. May she rest peacefully and live forever in your hearts.

03-23-2013 4:01 AM -- By: Christabelle Fombu,  From: CNN-Atlanta  

Rob, I am very very very sorry for your loss. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. May Renas’ soul rest in perfect peace.

03-22-2013 9:47 PM -- By: Nuzhat,  From: Florida  


Rob, Adam, Sabrina, Bhaijan, Bhabhi, Humayun, Gazzelle, Seema, and Ezra,

It is hard for me to accept and believe that your beautiful Rena is no longer with us. Rena, who was brave, strong, kind and giving is a testament to the love and support that all of you gave to her throughout her life. I have watched you as a family and have always admired your love for each other.


Nuzhat (Sister and Aunt)


03-22-2013 6:34 PM -- By: Lisa McClure Guthrie,  From: Atlanta  

Rena's warmth and the generosity of her spirit and her expertise could never be forgotten.  I was so grateful to have such a lovely visit with her when I was contracting at The Weather Channel last year.  As when we were at CNN, she was encouraging and supportive, never too busy for a kind word. Her life was really spent mentoring those around her. I'm lucky to have been one of them.

I'm so very sorry, Rob, for  your loss.  She was an outstanding person.

03-22-2013 6:18 PM -- By: Afshan Raees,  From:  

Rest in peace!! You will missed dearly!

03-22-2013 5:43 PM -- By: The Seetharamaiah Family,  From: Orlando FL  

 Dear Rob and Family,

Please accept our condolences.   I was so sad to hear about Rena Appi's passing.  I will always remember her as a smart and beautiful person.  She had an amazing smile and presence.  

Shadan Seetharamaiah (Pinky)



Shadan Seetharamaiah (Pinky)





03-22-2013 5:34 PM -- By: Scott Herron,  From: Boulder, Colorado  

Rena was a gem, and not just because she laughed at my jokes. She was a joy to work with during my years at CNN and CNNI, and a joy to be around. 

03-22-2013 4:57 PM -- By: Gazelle Zeya,  From: Florida  

My beautiful sister Rena, How I miss you! There are not enough tears to fill the void your passing has left in my heart and soul. You have given me love, courage, strength, wisdom, inspiration, joy, compassion and friendship. While I feel deep sadness, I am comforted by the fact that your life is an eternal gift to everyone your spirit has touched: Rob, Adam and Sabrina, mom and dad, Humayun, Seema and Uzra, and friends and relatives around the world. Love eternal, Your big sis, Gazelle


03-22-2013 4:37 PM -- By: Roni Selig,  From: NY NY  

I work at CNN and i have only heard wonderful things about your amazing wife, mother, daughter, sibling and friend. She sounds like a powerhouse i would have enjoyed working with. I am sorry our paths did not cross. May her memory live long and strong in everyone's hearts.

03-22-2013 3:15 PM -- By: Noore Zahra,  From: INDIA  

 She was wonderful and unique. Her  eyes were always sparkled with optimistic ideas . She live life with full of shine she accepted death with full of  grace. Her maiden name was Rena Shaheen Zeya.  The meaning of her name dscribeher ishort. Rena means very beautiful Shaheen is a royal bird Zeya is source of light. after marriage she become Golden too which completed her name and her personality. -inUrdu poetry it is said by famous poet Allama Eqbal" Shaheen kabhi perwaaz se thak kar  nahi girta " describe Rena in reality which means 4haheen can't tired by flying high.. LOVE U SO MUCH MISS U SO MUCH

03-22-2013 2:35 PM -- By: Jerry Bond,  From: GA  

 A kind and genuine lady-we were blessed to have shared a brief time with her. A very sad loss.


03-22-2013 1:52 PM -- By: Sandra Weber,  From: Former Turner & Weather Channel  

Rena was an exceptional colleague. Generous in thought, smart, loving, fearless. She always told stories about her kids and she had them present all the time.

I have worked with many strong and smart women, however, Rena was unique in her bravery to challenge the status quo, and push for more  women and underrepresented groups to serve in roles of influence among many other things she wanted to improve. She always looked for a dialogue rooted in inclusiveness. She inspired so many of us to find our voice. I will miss her.

My heart goes out to Rob, Sabrina and Adam. May you find peace and comfort in the days ahead.


03-22-2013 12:56 PM -- By: David Kenny,  From: The Weather Company  

I spoke to Rena my first week at Weather Co last year, and was struck by her tenacity, commitment to excellence, and fearlessness. When she came back to her office a few weeks later, I met her there where she was surrounded by photos of her family at various ages. To me, this created my enduring image of a woman who always moved forward every day without fear or regret, propelled by the strength of a family she loved with all her heart. We all suffer the loss of someone who did so much for everyone she touched. Rena will be greatly missed.

03-22-2013 12:53 PM -- By: Christine Armour,  From: Australia  

 I met Rena just a couple of times through a friend and thought she was a lovely person. My sincere sympathy to Rob and their children.

03-22-2013 12:16 PM -- By: Hasan Zeya,  From: Tampa  

A life time of pride to be the dad of Rena Shaheen Golden and NANA of Adam Zeya Golden and Sabrina Rachel Golden the apples of my eyes.


Hasan Zeya


03-22-2013 11:39 AM -- By: Annie,  From:  

 I will always remember what you said in the Torah class, " there are good people  everywhere." Thank you!

03-22-2013 10:58 AM -- By: Sandy Koziatek,  From: Atlanta, GA  

Rena was a valuable and positive contributor to our EMBA class and I feel both honored and blessed to have known her.  I offer my sincere condolences to her family and friends.

03-22-2013 10:38 AM -- By: Gregory Oxenberg,  From: New York  

 I'm very sorry for your loss. Rena seemed like a truly remarkable person. 

03-22-2013 9:30 AM -- By: Ilana Peretz,  From: Marietta, Georgia  

 Rena, you were truly an inspiration.  I am so happy we were able to become such close friends and spend many happy times together over these past couple of years.  Your warmth and smile will be missed.  So unique in so many ways, you made me a better person just by knowing you. As i posted yesterday knowing you  has made me want to live more, smile more, learn more, try more and love more.  A huge void is left by your absence.  Know that our love and support for Rob, Sabrina and Adam lives on.......

03-22-2013 8:21 AM -- By: Sheri England,  From: CNN  

The world has really lost a very special woman, Rena we will never forget you...


03-22-2013 8:02 AM -- By: Debra,  From: CNN  

 Strong. Passionate. Kind. Thoughtful. Honest. Funny. Smart. Driven. Rena - you live on in all of us that you have touched with your zest for life, and your gracious and brave passing.  


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